Mission & Vision

It aims at the integral and all round formation of young boys and girls by giving them an education which is morally, physically and mentally sound. In keeping with the national aspirations, it helps the students to become mature, spiritually oriented and worthy citizens of India. It is a co- educational school where boys and girls grow up together in a healthy atmosphere of equality of genders, co-operation, mutual respect and healthy relationship. It envisages multifaceted personality development in a child by inculcating physical fitness and health, competitiveness, leadership and self-expression, ideals of Indian culture through games, athletics, cultural activities/monitorial system, dramatics, public speaking, moral and value education.

St. John

Though the medium of instruction and examination is English, the school gives equal importance in all co-curricular activities, to Hindi by debates, elocution declamation and by allotting sufficient hours of instruction to Hindi subject. It also endeavours to insist school education and activities contributing to India's cultural heritage, part of National mainstream of life and develop students as scholars, gentlemen and responsible citizens of India. Above all it strives to inculate into its pupils the value of freedom and its judicious use, respect for law and order and sense of duty so as to enable them to fulfil a noble role in life.

Our Pledge

India is my motherland, and all Indians are, my brothers and sisters. I love India, and feel proud of her traditions and great heritage. I shall always try to be worthy of her. I shall always respect my parents, teachers and elders and be courteous to all. I promise to be loyal to my country and countrymen; in their prosperity alone lies my happiness.