Admission Procedure
  • Generally there is no admission to other classes as children from lower classes are promoted and go to the higher classes. However, as some vacancies may arise due to failures in lower classes or withdrawals, opportunity is provided to all those who would like to seek admission to other classes. If there are vacancies, in any class the same will be indicated on the NOTICE BOARD.
  • Boys and Girls seeking admission to Nursery class should have completed 3 years and 6 months on the 1 st April of the academic year. A birth certificate obtained from the Nagar Mahapalika or from the Maternity Hospital or from village records be presented before issuing the application form. Affidavits are not acceptable. Similarly, a corresponding scale of the ages will be followed for admission to higher classes.
  • The registration form duly filled in and accompanied by the birth certificates should be presented to the office before admission can be considered.
  • Admission will be made as a result of the interview test depending on the number of seats available in the concerned class. Admission to higher class will be considered generally in April/July subject to the vacancies and having passed the admission test with a high percentage.
  • Admission to class XI is not automatic for those who have passed class X from this depends upon the number of seats available, percentage of marks and conduct.
  • Parents/Guardians of the selected candidates for the admission are required to fill in a prescribed Admission form and submit it along with two attested photostat copies of the birth certificate on a day mentioned on the notice board and pay the prescribed fees.
  • Student coming from another School must bring his/ her transfer certificate and the original Report Card at the time of admission. However all such students will be put to written and oral test to see the suitability to a particular class. The Principal has the right to say on what conditions he will admit or retain a pupil in the class.
  • Even in the case of late admission of a pupil, the fee from the beginning of the term shall be charged.
  • Those coming from outside Uttar Pradesh should have their Transfer Certificate countersigned by the competent Educational Authority of the place.
  • The very condition of admission is that the parents/ guardians comply strictly with the terms and rules herein stated and pay the tuition and other fees by the due date. Any future changes made in the prospectus and fees will also be binding on them.

The Principal reserves the right to waive off any of the rules without assigning any reason for his action.