Rules of Attendance
  • A minimum attendance of 75 % of the working days is required for promotion even if they pass in all subjects.
  • Every student should be in time for General Assembly. Repeated late comers may be detained after school hours or sent home or may be asked to be withdrawn from school.
  • No pupil should leave the school premises during the college hours without the written permission of the Principal.
  • No leave of absence for the whole day or part there of is granted except for serious reasons and on the previous written application of the parents/guardians.
  • Except for duly approved reasons extension of vacation is not permitted. Late comers after a vacation who have not intimated in writing about delay, will have their names struck off the rolls after one calendar week and vacancies, if any, will be filled from fresh application.
  • A pupil who is absent during the term for more than three days on medical ground is required to submit medical certificate together with the leave application.
  • All leave application bearing the signature of the parent/ guardians and the class and section should be forwarded to the Principal on the day the student is absent. Failure to bring such an application for leave, make the student liable to be sent home.
  • Students who are absent are NOT PERMITTED to enter the campus before, during or after the school, the day they are absent for any reason whatsoever.

The Principal reserves the right to waive off any of the rules without assigning any reason for his action.