Rules of Fees
  • If the fees are not paid by the last working day of the instalment, the name of the defaulter may be struck off from the school register. If for any valid reasons, re-entry is made on the rolls, full admission fee along with the arrears will be charged. In case the parents are unable to pay the fees before the scheduled date, for serious reasons, it must be brought to knowledge of the Principal before the due date and seek extension.
  • No exemptions or deduction in fees will be made on account of broken periods, holidays or absence for any cause.
  • No student shall be allowed to sit for the examination unless all dues have been cleared.
  • The fees of February and March should be paid before the examination commences. In case of non payment of May and June fees, it will be concluded that the student has left the school and the name of the student remains struck off from the register.
  • Students of class X and XII must pay the fees for all the months of the academic year before February.
  • Non-payment of fees will debar a pupil from receiving his/her report card or any other certificate.
  • Students withdrawn from the school during the year without notice of withdrawal to the college will be required to pay the fees for the whole term, not withstanding the fact that the child had not attended the college during that period or before obtaining a Transfer Certificate.
  • The fee must be paid according to the dates mentioned in the fee booklet.

The Principal reserves the right to waive off any of the rules without assigning any reason for his action.