Rules of Games and Co-curricular Activities
  • The school attaches great importance to games extra- curricular activities and competitions. Children selected for Dramatics, G.K. Tests, Elocution, Art and Craft competitions, S.U.P.W. projects must be willing to participate in such activities.
  • Participation in games is compulsory. If matches are arranged, students should strive to win school colours and represent the school at such meets. Students should fmd time to attend the practice sessions.
  • The school will, organize programmes on Children's Day, Teacher's Day, Annual Day and on National Festivals.
  • Students of class VI upwards, are allotted Houses to have House-wise league competitions. They will be placed in Division. Each House competition will carry points for the honour of the Cock House Shield.
  • Students may be penalized and debarred from further participation in case they fail to be present for an activity-lest there should be an emergency.

The Principal reserves the right to waive off any of the rules without assigning any reason for his action.