St. John's School is a recognised, unaided minority English Medium School (ENo. 1666 OF 2006-16928) established by The Catholic Diocese of Lucknow, a charitable and registered society registered under the Societies Registered Act XXI, 1860 on 24th Nov.1947 and administered through its Catholic Education Society which was duly registered on 4th April 1989 No. 197, 1989-1990. St. John's School, founded in the year 1977 was established by the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow with the object of imparting modem education primarily to the Catholics in a manner that would conserve their Religion, Language, Scripture and Culture but is open to all, irrespective of religion, caste, race, language and community.

It is a minority institution, under the article 30 (1) of our constitution, which carries with it;

  • The right to establish and administer educational institutions of rheir choice.
  • The right to constitute the managing committee according to their norms without Government interference.
  • The right to give preference to admission to the members of their own community.
  • The right to appoint the head of the institution and teachers according to their rules and regulations without the approval of the Government.
  • The right to follow their own policy with regard to admission and recruitment of staff without reserving seats as per Government Rules.

The school provides education from Pre-Primary classes to Senior Secondary (Class-XII) with the aim of presenting the student for secondary School Examination (Class-X) and Senior Secondary School Examination (ClassXII) which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education- New Delhi. A general education in all subjects upto Class- X and from Class-XI the school provides P.C.M, P.C.B and commerce stream with optional subjects Hindi and Computer. Besides, the school also has various other programmes and extra-curricular activities which are the occasions to display the talents and capabilities of the students. The parents are required to render positive encouragement and co-operation.

The Principal reserves the right to waive off any of the rules without assigning any reason for his action.